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A place where you can fellowship and care about one another

Pelican Pointe Village

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pot luck dinner

The monthly pot luck dinner brings Pelican Pointe Village residents together at the Clubhouse for good times and good food.

Here’s what residents say about living in Pelican Pointe Village…

"We searched and researched a lot of places before we found Pelican Pointe Village.  We were looking for a place where we could be around people of similar age and common interests.  A place where there are lots of activities for those who wish to participate, and a place where everyone has moved from someplace else, which would force everyone to make new friends.  Not a place where you are the only new people moving into an established neighborhood where most close friendships are already established.  We also wanted to be near a large airport and beaches.  Norfolk is less than an hour away where there is an international airport.  The beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks are about one hour away.  We found everything we were looking for at Pelican Pointe Village.  We love it here!"

- Don & Joyce Munro


"What a good life we have! In the summer months we live in Pelican Pointe Village, play golf at The Pines, go out on our boat, enjoy the friendship of our neighbors and friends and the pot luck get togethers. In the winter months we go to Florida to enjoy the weather and golfing and their lifestyle. Knowing that our home is watched after while we are gone, and all outside maintenance is included, plus the fact the homes are affordable, adds to the pleasure of our lifestyle."

- Lynn and Sandra Parsons


"The reason we moved from the California area was to be closer to our family who live in Virginia. Our granddaughter introduced us to Elizabeth City but especially to Pelican Pointe Village. The lifestyle here is not so fast paced. There are lots of activities for the both of us. We have wonderful neighbors and really enjoy the once a month covered dish dinners, where we eat the best food you can imagine. We don't miss all the noise, heat and pollution that we had to deal with in California."

- Jim and Marge DeLaby


"The movement of older adults to an entirely different place and situation can be somewhat difficult and stressful. However, Elizabeth City and especially Pelican Pointe Village have made the transition very easy. Pelican Pointe Village is still a young community, but we are building. It was very easy for us to move away from the minuses of the north. The travel time to doctors, dentists and hospitals for the necessary things is fifteen minutes away. The food markets, drug stores, Social Security office, and DMV office are less than ten minutes away. The canal that leads to the river is less than one hundred yards away. There is a pool and clubhouse that are also feet away. We love the fact that the beach is less than one hour away. This coupled with the temperate climate and short moderate winters and the great new friends we have made make our small community of Pelican Pointe Village a great place to live."

- Bob and Eileen Fuhrman


"My husband and I left Texas to be closer to our first born grandchild. Our decision to move here was made quickly, so we downsized and lived in an apartment when first arriving in Elizabeth City. Apartment living was pretty nice after all those years of house maintenance and lawn care, but we wanted to own our own home. We thought, "How nice it would be to find a residence of our own where it is much like apartment living and especially if it were on the water." Elizabeth City is a quaint, small town on the Pasquotank River. On a kayaking trip one morning, my husband found Pelican Pointe. At that time it was just an undeveloped field. We began to see more information about it in the local newspaper. Pelican Pointe Village was just what we were looking for – much like apartment living, but with our own home and a lawn which we do not have to maintain. We can hop into our car and head off for a vacation or visit our adult children and grandchildren leaving all concerns of our home behind. And guess what! It is even on the water! We love the canal right behind our house where we can walk to the boardwalk, jump in our boat and go spend a fun filled day on the river. Our grandchildren really enjoy the river and boating as well as the pool at the Pelican Pointe Village Clubhouse. Our neighbors are an asset to living in the Village. Everyone is so friendly and such wonderful, caring people. We enjoy having barbecues on our back patios, boat rides to watch the sunset or Fourth of July fireworks over the water, or even just standing in the street talking until after dark. In Pelican Pointe Village, we are enjoying more friendships and involved with more fun things than anywhere else we have ever lived."

- Dan and June Sawyer


"The reason I moved to Pelican Pointe Village is that I enjoy the fact that it is a college town with loads of cultural activities, where churches abound and the peacefulness of the area. You are able to enjoy a jazz concert at the College of the Albermarle, a football game at the Elizabeth City State University along with so many other wonderful amenities. You can spend a lovely few hours in one of the tea rooms in town or enjoy just walking along the river front. Pelican Pointe Village is a wonderful place to live and I would highly recommend it."

- Alice McDonald


"We love living at Pelican Pointe Village. Everyone is friendly and we are close to all our favorite places."

- Robin & Diana Sparks